suspension of activities

suspension of activities

The new government decree of 01/04/2020 and the sense of responsibility require us to extend the suspension of activities within the company until April 13, a measure that allows us to maintain a series of functions in smart working mode.

Since the beginning of this emergency, we have been keeping our engines warm to be responsive at the right time, which is getting closer day by day.

For this reason, in our daily lives we are continuing to operate with the aim of building a new future together around people's needs. As we have done since 1956: innovating.

We wish to reiterate the thanks to the collaborators who served in the company until March 13 and to express infinite gratitude to all the doctors, nurses, health workers heroically engaged in the front line, without forgetting all those who, with courage and sense of responsibility, they guarantee essential goods and services every day.

At the same time, we invite you to be cautious and to stay at home, scrupulously respecting the indications provided by the competent government and health authorities.

For special needs, you can contact us at the following number:

CUSTOMER CARE EXPORT: +39 0721 203601