Emilio Nanni

Emilio<br> Nanni

He obtained his Architecture degree in Florence. He has taught in various Architecture and Design Departments in Italy.
He founded the studio Emilio Nanni|ENa+d|, focusing on design, architecture, urban requalification, interior design and art direction.
As an architect, he has realised numerous interventions in various Italian cities in a range of scales: from residential architecture to urban redefinition, both in the public and private sphere.
As a designer he has collaborated with important Italian firms, among them:Billiani, Bross, CattelanItalia, Cyrcus, DaA italia, De Castelli, Et al. , Guzzini, HauteMaterial, Lamm, Mdf italia, Pianca, Saba, Tonelli, Valadier Gioielli, Trabà, Zeritalia, Zanotta. Billiani, Bross, Calligaris, CattelanItalia, Cyrcus, DaA Italia, De Castelli, Guzzini, Ifi/Et al., HauteMaterial, Lamm, Mdf Italia, opificioitalia 963, Pianca, Saba, Tonelli, Tonon, Valadier Gioielli, Trabà, Zeritalia, Zanotta.
He has received numerous awards, recognitions and special mentions, the most recent being the Red Dot Award in 2016,  Red Dot Award in 2017,  German Design Award in 2018.
He has participated in numerous exhibitions and conferences dedicated design and his work has been published in the most important national and international magazines, books and blogs on design and architecture.
Always a painter, he has exhibited in various personal shows in galleries in Italy and abroad and his work is present in many international public and private collections.
He works in Bologna.

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