Metalmobil becomes Et al.

Metalmobil becomes Et al.

Metalmobil, after over 60 years of important goals, announces the new brand name to consolidate the process of evolution and business growth.

As the four letters at the heart of Metalmobil, Et al. represents a physiological development towards the future, into which the company, which specialises in making chairs and tables for indoor and outdoor public spaces, is launching itself with its exceptional technical, industrial and cultural heritage acquired over the years.

Et al. comes from the Latin et alii and means “and others”, referring to all the co-authors of a work. Et al. is an open ecosystem, which brings people together and is continually enriched by the involvement of recognised and emerging designers on the international stage.

Gianfranco Tonti, Chairman of Et al., comments, “Et al. is the start of a new journey that we are undertaking enthusiastically, counting on the important artisanal and industrial heritage acquired in over 60 years and on the people, our workers, who have contributed with skill and passion to the company’s history. Alongside us, in our constant search for quality, beauty and innovation, is an irreplaceable companion: design.”

It is design that is guiding this move - good design, focused on aesthetics and functionality. It is a vital element for Et al., whose aim is to design modern, versatile and high-quality modern furnishings: unique solutions that improve people’s lifestyle and living spaces.

This clear philosophy is shared with emerging and recognised designers across the world, who are called by the company to interpret its brand values with skill and creativity. Through constructive and flexible dialogue, they work alongside Et al. in designing new forms of furnishing: functional and sustainable chairs and tables that respond to precise aesthetic criteria of modernity and beauty and which meet the requirements of contemporary living in a practical way.

Et al. is thus ready to compete in a market increasingly global and stands out as a renowned supplier for hotels, restaurants and commercial premises in the hospitality sector.

It is an authoritative and reliable partner of architects and designers, offering a wide range of options for personalising standard products, meeting specific design requirements and always preserving high technical and quality standards.

Riccardo Quattrini, General Manager, says, “We believe that evolution is an opportunity and we have operated in recent months in order to realize our natural propensity to change. The move to Et al. has been a great desire and we all feel that it underlines, especially to our stakeholders, a vision that is focused more and more on the future and on design. Et al. are four letters that are full of meaning, which strongly consolidate our role as a key player in the contract design sector.”

Alessandro Gabellini, Business Unit Et al. Director, adds, “We had to change because we had changed: Et al. represents a move that delivers something, an evolution towards the future, the achievement of an awareness that we can give our history and our roots a new name.”

Et al. actually represents the last step of a journey that the company has begun years ago, accompanied by a team of some of the most brilliant professionals around. Leonardo Sonnoli, a great Italian master of graphic design, has developed an original visual design for the trademark, in collaboration with Massimo Gardone, who produced the photos. The architect Gianni Filindeu has designed the fairs booths, creating strongly architectural spaces, able to express the new contemporary language of the brand.

Today this important choral work is completed, marking a new beginning towards new boundaries to be reached and new challenges to be faced with the same professionalism and passion as always, united in the sign of design. Good design.

Welcome to Et al.