Philippe Tabet

Born in Versailles, he graduated in Industrial Design in Lyon to complete his academic career in Paris, where he began collaborating with industrial and global design studios.
Driven by a desire to deepen his knowledge of the history of furniture, Philippe Tabet moved to Milan in 2011 and began a professional career in the furniture industry. In 2014, he decided to open his own studio, putting the manufacturing process, the material and its specificities at the centre of his work. The resulting forms become a continuum with respect to the material from which they originate.
Philippe Tabet's work focuses on the search for the 'truth' of the material and his inspiration takes shape from the different manufacturing processes with a glance at the objects of the past. He is convinced that every object must tell a story that is the fruit of its time. His passion for drawing shines through in a clear and precise sign characterised by strong but delicate lines.
Although he concentrates most of his work in industrial design, his knowledge of manufacturing processes leads him to experiment with an artisanal approach, as in his 'Order' series of masks that pay homage to the artisans "masters of production who hold the order of the industrial process" through different moulding techniques.
Over the years, his creations have been awarded prizes and exhibited.
Philippe Tabet believes that the practice of design applies to a broad spectrum of objects, because what he creates belongs as much to the furniture sector as to the design of electronic objects.

Collections designed for Et al.: