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Both graduated from the Polytechnic University of Milan (Andrea Radice in industrial design, Folco Orlandini in architecture), they met after a variety of work experiences. They have worked together since 2008, creating numerous designs for companies in Italy and abroad.

Andrea Radice was born in Milan on 11 April 1979. After graduating from Polytechnic he worked at LUCCI&ORLANDINI, where he collaborated on designs for companies such as Snaidero, Lamm, Calligaris, Mascagni, Segis, Vesteel and Biesse. In 2006, wishing to adopt a new approach to design as well as a different style, he went to Rodolfo Dordoni Design, where he worked on designs for companies including Minotti, Flos, Roda, Ernestomeda, Emu, Molteni and Matteograssi. In the second half of 2007, he collaborated with McKimm on Industrial Design projects for Nikon and Interface Design projects for FIAT and BMW.

Folco Orlandini was born in Grosseto on 7 August 1972 and began his career in 1999 with the design of a new concept car at the Alfa Romeo design centre in Arese. Since 2000 he has been a partner at LUCCI ORLANDINI, in charge of the Home and Kitchen design department, and handles major projects for Snaidero (Sistema ES, Time, Skyline), Calligaris (Pod, Mya, Congress), Segis (Sesta) and Biesse (Quadrangolo, Garden, Palio). He has also created prestigious designs in the office and community sector for Lamm (Compasso, Runner, Elitra, HL3), Mascagni (Confort, Airport) and Verstell (Chela, Simon).

Guided by the concept of design as emotion that merges practicality with timeless aesthetics, Andrea and Folco create designs that combine three elements: paternity, irony, and improvement. Every creation is “coddled” every step of the way, from initial idea to maturity to production. Irony, i.e., the constant search for qualities beyond the simple and obvious, has always characterised their way of life and approach to design, which always aims at improving what already exists. Creating means improving, and improving means conceiving products that are always better than previous ones in terms of function, aesthetics, production, ergonomics, cost, and much more.
Since 2008, Radice and Orlandini have designed and created products for many furnishing companies, including: Alivar, Caoscreo, Domitalia, Dorelan, Fast, Infiniti, Et al., MyHomeCollection, Schuster and Skitsch.
In 2013 they were appointed artistic directors of Domitalia, with responsibility for designing new products, trade fair stands and everything else coordinated with the company’s image.
They have received numerous awards, including first prize at the MOV Design competition in 2007, the Young&Design special mention for the Domitalia Phantom chair in 2010, the Chicago Athenaeum Good Design Award for the Infiniti Drop chair in 2011 and the Chicago Athenaeum Good Design Award for the Domitalia Bouchon stool in 2013.

Collections designed for Et al.: