Dot the future - MIlano, 07.11.2022

Dot the future - MIlano, 07.11.2022

Milan - Monday 7 November 2022

Et al. met with its sales force, both Italian and international, to celebrate together the successes achieved in 2022 and set the goals for 2023.

dot the future

The name of the event stems from the rational of the new logo et al. characterised by a very distinctive graphic element, the dot.

 The English verb to dot can be translated with the idiomatic expression 'to connect the dots', but also with the meaning of 'to uniteto linkto connect'.

 And that is what we wanted to do: to put a few dots, to reflect on who we are, where we come from, but above all to reflect together on the future.


We want to share with you the highlights of this day and give you an appointment at the Salone del Mobile 2023.