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17 Years of Successful Collaboration: Et al. and CETP Transform Corporate Canteens into Dynamic and Welcoming Spaces

We are excited to share with you the success of the long-standing collaboration between Et al. and our valued French partner CETP. Together, we took on the challenge of transforming corporate canteens into dynamic and functional environments, responding to the ever-increasing need for spaces that go beyond the simple lunch break.

Our client, a specialist in the design of company canteens, was faced with the need to make these places not only welcoming but also versatile, reflecting the evolution of the way people spend their time in corporate environments. Today, the canteen is no longer just the place for a quick lunch break, but a multifunctional hub that hosts meetings, business discussions, smart working sessions and relaxation breaks.

We asked Mons Ben Tolila, CEO of CETP, to tell us what it is like working with Et al:

"Et al. is a long-standing partner and supplier of ours. We have found in Et al. a quality partner. I believe Et al. contributes to improving our know-how.

We appreciate the sales support, strict order tracking, adherence to deadlines and consistent quality. We also appreciate the constant evolution of R&D in terms of design and new uses.

All our collaborative projects are a success. We work for some of the most prestigious companies in the CAC40 and intend to continue promoting our expertise with Et al. products.

The added value of Et al. is that it is a company with the values of a human-scale enterprise, but with the rigour and high standards of a large group. When I introduce myself to my customers, I say that I work with a manufacturer and not a wholesaler, which means that I have real control over quality and especially over the monitoring of patterns, colours, materials, etc.

For the moment, I don't see any change, because you represent 80% of our furniture purchases, which makes you our almost exclusive supplier, which I believe is almost unique in the industry. It is a choice that allows us to have a harmony in the treatment of furniture, a grouping of purchases and a more efficient follow-up of suppliers."