Finishes: new for 2018

Finishes: new for 2018

An updated and broad range in terms of materials, colours, and designs. These are the features of the new Metalmobil sample book, which offers far more scope for personalising its collections of tables and chairs.

A range of solutions that stands out for its perfect balance of classical styles with contemporary innovation, fine-tuned to meet the needs of designers and architects that choose Metalmobil for their contract furnishing projects.

The plastics, from polypropylene to polyethylene and through to the Xiloplast of the 001 armchair, are enriched with new colour options.

Even more significant is the expansion of the range of fabrics available for Metalmobil padded chairs. From the wool of the Blazer (Camira), Fame (Gabriel) and Remix 2 (Kvadrat) fabrics, to the velvet of the Superb collection (Flukso) and through to the cutting-edge Trevira CS material of the Go-check and Go-couture (Gabriel) collections. These are some of the materials that characterise the 23 fabric collections chosen by Metalmobil, which focuses particular attention on the aesthetic, technological and functional properties of the individual materials, all of which stand out for their excellent resistance and adaptability to the geometries of the individual chairs.

Simple or complex, the weaves are available in a wide array of colours: from plain to multi-colour shades, from desaturated to more vibrant and intense tones, the result of a complex process that gives them dynamism and depth. 

As well as the seats, there are also new finishes for the frames: in wood, with the addition of ash, a material that stands out for its durability and strength in addition to its aesthetic qualities, which is chosen for the Dalton  collection of chairs and tables (designed by Giulio Iacchetti), and in steel, with new coatings and chrome finishes.

Visit the finishes section to see the full Metalmobil sample range.