Salone del Mobile 2018

Salone del Mobile 2018



The 57th Salone del Mobile, the international event dedicated to the design community, gets underway in Milan on 17 April.

Metalmobil will once again be attendance with lots of new products in a space conceived and designed by architect Giovanni Maria Filindeu, who has collaborated with Metalmobil since 2017. Not just an exhibition and meeting space but an experiential ambience in which light and shadows are the principal elements and give meaning to the stand.

Giovanni Maria Filindeu described the new project for the Metalmobil stand as follows:

“The space designed for the Milan Salone del Mobile  forms part of a design approach we began a year ago at the 2017 Salone and which we have continued to pursue in subsequent projects. In this case too the research of the space begins with complex configurations of forms that are actually very straightforward. While last year the central theme of the space was the courtyard and the inhabited enclosure, this year it is the gallery. Designed as a segment in a linear sequence that has no precise end, the stand is organised around a continuous flooring that is home to slightly raised sculpted bases. The seats, placed on the bases, therefore become works of art that mark out the route of the visitor. Whereas last year the enclosure delineated the sequence of products, this year it is the roof that is tasked with organising the different spatial sequences of the stand. A skylight has been designed above each product family like an event in space. The series of skylights therefore becomes a space in itself, an element that both organises and interacts with the Metalmobil products. The inspiration remains that of the Mediterranean, as evoked by the white colours of the surfaces that dialogue through their meeting with the light”.

In 2017 Metalmobil unveiled a major new look at the Milan Salone del Mobile aimed at bringing it closer to the style of its main interlocutors, the designer and the architect. Metalmobil continues this trend at the Salone 2018 with a high-impact stand and important new products.


Pav. 10, stand D03 E04