Dinner at Et al.

Dinner at Et al.

The art of getting together.

We celebrated our rebranding on 24 October in Milan, at Osteria del Biliardo. The rebranding took two years and is a success for us.

Together with special guests, press, designers and collaborators, we looked back at the various stages of this project and raised our glasses to the near future.

A new venue, a styling project and table setting organized in every single detail, and of course, our products. Et. al chairs were the stars of the event. Perfectly arranged around the tables, they welcomed the guests with their comfortable and ergonomic design.

The relaxed and convivial atmosphere was the common thread of the entire event, together with the iconic graphics designed by Leonardo Sonnoli that could be admired on the invites, in the room set-up, and on the menu. Even the food – traditional dishes of our region – was the expression of our nature.
After the dinner, all the guests played carom billiard games. A truly fun and entertaining moment.

At the end of such a pleasant night, we wanted to leave something really special to our guests.
In honor of Bruno Munari, on the day of his anniversary, we handed out a copy of the book “Seeking Comfort in an Uncomfortable Chair” published by Corraini, in a box designed by Leonardo Sonnoli.
Our guests also received another volume “In other words”, an extraordinary editorial project by Stefano Bartezzaghi, Marco Belpoliti and Francesco M. Cataluccio: prestigious Italian authors who have interpreted the Et al. rebranding through their writing.

Dinner at Et al was an opportunity to meet, talk, and show what we do, revealing our more personal, human, and typically Italian side. 

Concept e Organization: Strategic Footprints
Set Design: Martina Sanzarello
Graphic Project: Leonardo Sonnoli
Photo: Greta Gandini
Location: Osteria del Biliardo, Milano