Pillow meets Braque

Pillow meets Braque

Et al., the evolution of the brand Metalmobil, which specialises in the production of design furnishing for communal spaces, announces a new technical sponsorship.

The brand is to provide twelve models of Pillow, the iconic collection designed by Andrea Anastasio, to furnish the interior of the Palazzo della Ragione in Mantua which will be hosting the exhibition “Braque vis-à-vis. Picasso, Matisse and Duchamp”, between 22 March and 14 July 2019. The exhibition, which is curated by Michele Dantini and promoted by the local municipality, is organised and produced with the publisher Electa, with the participation of Kunstmuseum Pablo Picasso in Münster.

Pillow is a chameleon-like product, so much more than a simple pouf: indeed, its structure enables it to exist freely and independently within any environment, making it an autonomous chair, which can adapt to diverse furnishing and architectural requirements, thanks also to its variety of available colours and textures. 

Andrea Anastasio explains: “Pillow stems from a meditation on the need to take a break and rest that we all have during the course of a day, and from observing convivial and social rituals of human beings in different cultural settings. My travels and research on nomadic cultures in Asia and the Middle East, along with an interest in the changing means of aggregation in Western metropolises, made me think about the possibility of combining different ways of "being together” and giving form to a chair that would allow for the greatest possible amount of movement, enabling its users to express their desire for sharing or privacy”.

With this partnership, Et al. confirms its vocation for devising and presenting modern and high-quality furniture for public spaces: museums, theatres, bookshops, as well as hotels, restaurants and cafes. Thanks to its extraordinary know-how, major artisanal legacy and customisable solutions, it satisfies the specific requirements of its customers, by improving the lifestyle of people and their relationship with the spaces they inhabit.

It is a precise philosophy that is shared with emerging and established designers from the international scene whom the brand calls upon to interpret its values with intelligence and creativity.

Like the numerous collections in the catalogue, Pillow by Andrea Anastasio, which was chosen for the Palazzo della Ragione in Mantua, is a clear example of this: through a constructive and flexible dialogue, designers work alongside Et al. in the design of new forms of functional and sustainable furniture, based on precise modern aesthetic parameters, that cater tangibly to contemporary living requirements.