Enio Ottaviani Winery

Enio Ottaviani Winery

CUBA and NASSAU, designed by Marc Sadler, grace the new Enio Ottaviani winery

Enio Ottaviani has been a family business for three generations, preserving a winemaking philosophy based on territoriality, freshness and a great capacity for innovation while, in a unique and personal way, placing the land at the centre of its story. With its deep roots in the hills near Rimini, this is not just a place for winemaking but one in which to focus on wine as a complete sensory experience, a contemporary winery both in conception and philosophy: as well as the functional areas needed for modern winemaking, other spaces coexist to introduce, recount and contextualize the land through the indigenous products that set it apart.

The architectural project, by the Studioundici practice in Riccione, expresses a modern design that sits in complete harmony with the surrounding natural environment. Iron and wood evoke an industrial mood, concrete echoes the material used to make the barrels where the winery refines its wine, while glass connects guests with the beating heart of its production: the vineyard. Large expanses of glass overlooking the vineyard outline the structural form of the wine shop, creating a well-lit environment in which to enjoy the surrounding natural landscape while sipping a good Sangiovese or Pagadebit. The winery and tasting area overlook long rows of vines stretching along the entire wildlife oasis of the Conca river, an area that derives its character from its distinctive wind patterns and the salinity of the sea.

Important furnishing elements in this project are the tables and chairs. Enio Ottaviani chose Et al. models from collections designed by Marc Sadler, which are particularly suited to this context in their subtle and refined lines. Inside, chairs and stools from the Cuba collection, with matt black frames and black shells, contrast with the concrete floor to create a sort of punctuation mark effect, while outdoors Nassau chairs and Zenith tables allow visitors to enjoy a good glass of wine comfortably seated under the stars.
Cuba is a family of injection-moulded steel and polypropylene chairs designed for the public use market. Simple and restrained lines give Cuba a universal character suited to all environments, indoor and outdoor. The steel twists around the shell like a picture frame, using an unconventional metal folding technique.  Nassau too is created using air-moulding technology, making it sturdy but simultaneously lightweight. Rounded lines, a simple design and sinuous shapes give it a distinctive character. An ergonomic backrest with gloss finish on the rear face is surrounded by an imaginary frame that enhances its importance, while the seat originates and continues from the backrest to create a fluid line of continuity.

“We make wine for friends” is the pay-off that greets tasters in the winery because, in the company’s vision, togetherness is a priceless value and wine is the ultimate expression of the joy of dining.

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