Exhibition Compasso d'Oro

Exhibition Compasso d'Oro

The new ADI Design Museum is housed in the restored industrial buildings which in the twentieth century first housed a depot of Milanese trams and then a large Enel electrical distribution system.

“This museum”, comments ADI President Luciano Galimberti, “is the place where design will be presented to the general public not only as a creative phenomenon, but also as a concrete commitment by designers and businesses for a more liveable society and environment. "
The events and meetings that take place in the spaces of the new Museum are the first step towards the creation of a common pole of design professions and associations, which will find space in the new ADI headquarters. In this "house of design", it will also be possible to visit the historic Compasso d'Oro collection on a permanent basis.

The first event held in the spaces of the new ADI Design Museum in Milan was the exhibition XXVI Compasso d'Oro - Take roots from 9 September to 16 September 2020 and the edition of the Compasso d'Oro ADI with the delivery of the awards.
The exhibition featured over 300 products recommended by the international jury, including the Shade chair designed by Philippe Nigro having been selected by the ADI Permanent Design Observatory for its annual publication dedicated to the best Italian design: ADI DESIGN INDEX 2019
A seat made with a typically industrial material, inspired by great engineering works: a micro-architecture of steel tubes and wires that creates an optical game. The welded steel wire guarantees a clear and essential profile to the entire project. The graphic motif that characterizes the seat and back changes according to the angle from which you look at it. The harmony between full and empty spaces gives the seat a lightness that naturally transmits to the surrounding space.