Et al. - Seats for Living

Et al. - Seats for Living

Et al. presents its new tagline and brand manifesto.


Seats for Living

“Et al. seats are more than just furnishings, they are designed with the aim of becoming life companions. They accompany our daily routine and are an integral part of our lives. They are designed to be comfortable, practical and durable. They are designed to be part of our everyday life. We wanted to reiterate this idea, which is core to the company’s ethos, so we naturally transformed it into our tagline,” states Alessandro Gabellini, Sales Director at Et al.

“Et al. also presents its brand manifesto,” continues Alessandro Gabellini, “a document stemming from the company's desire to communicate and share its commitment and vision with its business partners and clients. It is an opportunity to openly declare our values, our priorities and aims, creating a stronger and deeper connection with our partners, sharing the mission and values in which we firmly believe.”


Brand Manifesto

We have maintained our intangible values of the past, such as passion and dedication, to create a new way of thinking about products for furnishing spaces for the community.

Thus ET AL. was born.

A name and a project chosen to express a new philosophy that guides us on an ambitious and demanding path.

It is the ability to intercept contemporary design trends that we develop with the contribution of international designers with the aim of combining, in new products, a contemporary mood with the concreteness of our know-how.

It is the commitment to continuing the constant process of qualifying our offer to become a reference of innovation and style for the Italian and foreign market.

It is the desire to become our clients’ partners and not just their suppliers, to expand our value and reputation among corporate decision-makers, always looking ahead.

Without forgetting our ethical values of responsibility, sustainability and respect for people. Together with the seriousness and commitment that have characterised our work and our behaviour with continuity and consistency.