Our Partner, our values

The art of being together: the Mao experience in Turin.

We are excited to share with you the success of our work experience with MAO, Museum of Oriental Art in Turin.

Today, at the centre of an important experimentation and research activity is the relationship between culture, well-being, health and inclusion. This challenge is central for institutions such as the MAO, which in order to play their social role to the fullest must become vital public spaces that address the whole of society and play an important role in the development of ties and social cohesion, in the construction of citizenship and in the reflection on collective identities.

Our collaboration with the MAO has been characterised by a unique synergy, based on unparalleled flexibility and mutual understanding.

“What really made the difference was Et al.'s extraordinary ability to adapt and the impeccable management of resources and time, which are fundamental elements for an institution like ours," says Mao director Davide Quadrio. "Among the most significant moments, I would like to highlight the introduction of the Pillow chairs by artist and designer Andrea Anastasio into our museum. These seats, with their contemporary design and vaguely childlike appearance, have transformed the MAO space, making it more welcoming and versatile. Not only have they added a playful note, but they have also promoted a profound reflection on the concept of sharing and our commitment to promoting art and culture.

Looking to the future, we are very optimistic about the prospects of our collaboration with Et al. We hope that it will be a springboard for further initiatives, perhaps resulting in completely new projects designed specifically to meet the growing needs of our museum and our visitors.

From a value-added perspective, Et al. demonstrated an innate ability to understand our specific needs and create tailor-made solutions that had an extremely positive impact on both our company and our clients. Their empathetic relationships and deep industry knowledge translate into tangible results that enrich the visitor experience and further the MAO's mission to share beauty and creativity with the world”.


Thank you to everyone who helped make this partnership an ongoing success.