The "icons"


The first Et al. creation, armchair art. 001 in steel and braided material, with which the company immediately established itself in the Italian hospitality market and, subsequently, in the European market. The huge success of the 001 encouraged the company to create other collections of seats to continue to meet the needs of the hospitality market.
The material is strictly hand woven by experienced workers, and there is no machinery in the world that can replace man in this form of craftsmanship. Still today, on the Italian Riviera we can see the very first Filoline chairs, proof of the solidity of a product conceived from the very beginning for intensive use and to withstand various weather conditions.
001 furnishes historic cafés in Venice and Rome, as well as exclusive venues all over the world.


Created thanks to the intuition of Francesco Geraci, with its 500,000 pieces sold, it is present in over 70 countries and it is not difficult to find it in some public places around the world.
Respect for the environment and the use of recyclable materials, clean lines and multiple colour choices are embodied in a practical and essential product that Geraci designed in 1993 and has remained in the company catalogue for 25 years.
Sandy represents an icon, not only for Et al. but also for the entire world of hospitality in Italy and abroad, and fully deserves to be part of the history of industrial design. Starting from 2018 Sandy collection is part of MuDeTo, Tuscany Design Museum.


This is the latest creation by Francesco Geraci for Et al. In his professional career, crowned by successes and international awards, Geraci has linked his name to the design of seats and Et al.
The Uni collection expresses the sophistication of a designer capable of exploring new conceptual territories with exemplary balance, personality and sense of beauty.
Francesco Geraci’s seat design is characterized by a summary of shapes that appeal immediately, and agility of use. The effective front-padding texture, with its glossy finish on the back, enriches Uni's contents, giving it a perfectly balanced look.
The collection boasts various types of frames for both seats and stools and the numerous colours of the polypropylene shell make Uni an aesthetically impeccable furnishing element, suitable for many contexts.


Created in 2014 by the well-known international designer Marc Sadler, Maré is a style icon in the world of seating. Sadler took as an example the 001, the braided material chair created by Et al. over 50 years ago, and gave it a contemporary and innovative look; the result being a modern and glamorous seat that is technically advanced with unmatched comfort.