Et al. spaces: Amblé - Florence

Et al. spaces: Amblé - Florence

"Healthy food and sustainable design"

We are just a few steps away from the famous bridge that crosses the city of Florence, the Ponte Vecchio, in a small alley of Lungarno Acciaiuoli. It is right here and precisely in Piazzetta dei Del Bene that, since 2013, Amblè is located.

In the language of dressage, the French term emblée refers to a horse’s change of pace from fast to slow. In such terms, stopping by at Amblé in the middle of the rush of everyday’s life means taking some time in a location that is like a living room, where you can feel at home while enjoying typical, healthy, high quality and organic tuscan food and beverage.

The brand - as well as the mascot - of the club is a pink flamingo. This following the concept that “we are what we eat”, since flamingos get their feathers’ colour by eating shrimps which are infact pink.

But Amblé is a showroom too, where everything that is showcased inside is up for selling and where you can find both “modern” concept articles as well as design products created with eco-friendly materials. All this was made possible after the restyling of last April by designer Chiara Fanigliulo, reflecting Amblé’s philosophy which is strongly connected to principles of circular economy.

Among such products, you can see our MX tables and Shade chairs designed by Philippe Nigro which have just joined the selection ADI DESIGN INDEX, that were chosen by the designer who was impressed by the remarkable comfort of the seat, its essential and very clean lines and the material of which the chair is entirely composed, steel, which is compatible with Amblé’s vision.

To recall the style and the colours that identify Amblé (yellow and light blue), the architect chose to customize some of the pieces with particular shades of chrome which are not part of Et al.’s range but intertwine well with the atmosphere of the club. A stilish yet comfortable environment, conceived to host people  as if they were at a friend’s living room, in an intimate and reserved space where over 40 full coloured Shade chairs create a sense of harmony and lightness.

To give voice to its own style and experiences, one of the founding members of the club Fabrizio Bodini explained us that they also created a web radio under the name of “Radio Amblé” which broadcasts daily with dj sets, cultural talks and other initiatives together with some good, original and independent music from dj Alex Neri of Planet Funk.

In the near future, there is the idea of transforming the club in a sort of franchise and “exporting” it to Bologna and Milan in order to spread the spirit, flavors, music and design of the pink flamingo across other Italian cities.