Creative Cities Conference 2019

Creative Cities Conference 2019

Nassau at the Creative Cities Conference, Fabriano - Italy

The annual Creative Cities Conference, now in its 13th edition, was wrapped up on June 15 in the spendid city of Fabriano.
180 cities participate to this network, 180 cultures, stories and traditions from 5 continents that for the duration of the yearly event meet together to promote creativity.

8 pavilions dedicated to creativity were set up in the city of Fabriano, deployed in historical buildings of high architectural value. The “pavilion of design” by architects Paolo Schicchi and Riccardo Diotallevi was set up inside the “Le Conce” complex, once a place rich of workshops and craftmen.

The concept of the project is inspired by the process of the rotary press, of which Fabriano is an important production center. In the conference hall the Nassau chairs by Marc Sadler were selected by the architects to welcome the attendees during the meetings devoted to the theme of Design. The Nassau chairs are integrated in the set up of the hall hosting the panel illustrating the history of paper, with the print of the oldest medieval filigrees from Fabriano and depicting figures making the tools used in their craft work, and creating a background to the lecturers’ area.