Harvey 1130

Francesco Faccin

n.2 steel tube easels with support for table top fixing in cast aluminum and rubber pads.
Each easel is equipped with 1 schuko socket and 2 USB sockets.


Table top
300x120 | round and squared edge
240x120 | squared edge

Weight 18,6 Kg
Pack 0,74 m3
Pieces per box 2
Frames finishes
NCS S8005-Y20R /
RAL 8019 Brown
RAL 1027 /
NCS S3060-Y Curry
NCS S6030-B /
RAL 5001 Capri blue
RAL 5021 /
NCS S4050-B40G
Water blue
RAL 6003 /
NCS S7010-G50Y
Olive green
NCS S3060-Y80R /
RAL 3016
Coral red
RAL 9005
VR Jet black
RAL 9005
VR Matt Jet Black
RAL 9016
VR Traffic white
RAL 9010
VR Pure white
VR Turtle-dove
RAL 9006
VR White aluminium
VR Pewter
RAL 3003
VR Ruby red
RAL 7016
VR Anthracite grey
RAL 8017
VR Chocolate brown
RAL 7037
VR Matt Dusty grey
VR Rough metallic bronze
Table tops finishes
LAM - cat.J
Abet 410
LAM - cat.H
Fenix NTM0720
Nero Ingo
Anti-fingerprints - cat H
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