Dunk 1192n

Philippe Tabet

Poltroncina, telaio slitta in tondino acciaio, scocca versione chiusa. Seduta imbottita.

Weight 7,8 Kg
Pack 0,34 m3
Pieces per box 1
3ds dwg

The marsala-coloured shell, available in open and closed versions, is made of r-PP (recycled PP) polypropylene from sorted packaging and products at the end of their life cycle.

Frames finishes
VR Pewter
NCS S0500-N VR Pure white
NCS S7502-B VR Anthracite grey
NCS S4000-N VR White aluminium
NCS S9000-N VR Jet black
CR Chrome
NCS S3060-Y80R
Coral red
NCS S9000-N VR Matt Jet Black
VR Rough metallic bronze
NCS S3060-Y Curry
NCS S7020-G50Y
Olive green
NCS S4050-B40G
Water blue
NCS S6030-B
Capri blue
NCS S8005-Y20R Brown
NCS s0502-b VR Traffic white
NCS S4040-R
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